Remove Sediment From Your Water Heater

Remove hard water deposits from your water heater for softer water

Hard water is a real problem. It can have a number of negative effects on your skin and hair. It makes getting clean harder, by limiting soap’s ability to lather. But did you know that over time the minerals in hard water can build up in your water heater, limiting its effectiveness? This can cost you money: when your water heater is clogged with sediment, it has to use more energy to heat the water throughout your home.

Although having a water treatment service install a complete home water refiner is the best long term solution to hard water, you can still flush out sediment deposits yourself and immediately cut down on your energy consumption while improving the effectiveness of your water heater.

8 Steps to Flush Sediment From a Gas Water Heater

To use this process you will need:

  • A garden hose
  • A funnel
  • Clean water
  • The water cleaning product of your choice


Locate your cold water supply unit. Turn the handle counterclockwise until the line is off. Then, find the gas line’s shutoff valve and turn it off. This will cause your water heater to cool down. Wait half an hour for cooling to complete.


Take a garden hose and attach it to base of the water heater. It should attach easily. Run the other end of the house to a tub, bucket, or outdoors to drain.


Open the water heater’s drain valve. Go to one of your home’s faucets and turn the hot water on all the way. Keep the water running until it stops coming out of the facet.

Impacts of Hard Water on Entire Home


After closing the drain valve, disconnect the water from the tank and place a funnel in the opening. Pour clean water into the opening. For a 40-gallon tank, pour two gallons of clean water, then another two gallons of water mixed with cleaner after that.


Open the gas line. Light the pilot light and set the thermostat to 120 degree Fahrenheit. Let the mixture sit for the amount of time recommended by the cleaning product’s manufacturer (usually about two hours).


Remove the funnel, attach the water line, and turn off the burner. Make sure the hose is still attached, and then re-open the cold water valve and the drain valve simultaneously. Drain the solution from the heater completely. Run water through the tank with the drain valve open for 15 minutes to ensure that the solution has been completely flushed out.


Close the drain valve. Detach and remove the house. Your heater should start to refill, now free of sediment and ready to work more efficiently.


Hire a water service to install a water filter to permanently soften your water. If you’re struggling with sediment buildup, or any other problems that arise with hard water, the best solution is to soften your house’s water supply, so you’ll never have to flush out your water heater again. To schedule a water test with us, contact us today and get $50 retail gift card free!