Mother and daughter using sink to wash food using clean and affordable filtered water

Whole House Water Filter and Purification System For Florida Homeowners

Clean and affordable filtered water

Get the best quality water at home that makes your skin and your clothes feel better and is better for your plumbing and appliances. All without increasing your monthly budget.

Improve the quality of your water with a whole home water filter system.

If you’re looking to refine, clean and soften your entire home’s water for years to come, there’s no better solution than our affordable water purification and treatment systems.

A complete home solution to common water problems

We know the unique challenges Florida homeowners face.

Mom providing cleaner, better-tasting water for her children with a whole house water filtration system

Clean, Tasty Water from Every Facet

A whole home water softener system reduces chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor while inhibiting bacteria growth for clean, tasty water on demand for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

Woman benefiting from healthy Hair and Skin with a home water softener system

Refined Water for Soft Hair and Skin

A whole home purification system refines water and rinses away all traces of soap, leaving you with nothing but soft, manageable skin and hair while using less bathing products.

Mom demonstrating avoided water bottle waste with a whole house water filtration system

Eliminate Plastic Water Bottle Waste

Eliminate your family’s use of expensive water bottles and reduce unnecessary water consumption while cleaning with a whole house water filtration system.

Woman inspecting clean, clear glass from a dishwasher on a water softener system

Efficient Appliances and Plumbing

A home water softener system will remove the hard rock and minerals from your water. Your appliances and plumbing will last longer. Plus, no more hard water spots or scaling that require harsh chemical cleaners.

Mom providing healthier bath for baby with a whole house water filter
Water Treatment

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Guardian Water Services Ratings & Reviews

Honest prices and great customer service!

Everything was very easy! Honest prices and great customer service do what is needed to help customer at every turn. Professional installers who explain everything to you. Just a wonderful experience all the way around. Highly recommend Guardian Water Services.

— Alex Carry
Google Reviewer

The installation was flawless!

We cannot say enough good about the experience we had with Guardian Water Services. gave us knowledge about softeners when we had none. John worked with us and made sure we had the right product. The installation was flawless. The water taste is very good! Very pleased Thanks.

— Arnold Perry
Google Reviewer

Very satisfied with the professional setup of my water softener!

These guys are fantastic. Customer service at its best. Friendly and courteous, sometimes hard to find these days. One on one service, to find what fits your needs. Very satisfied with the professional setup of my water softener and reverse osmosis system. Everything was explained and answered any and all questions. Highly recommend Guardian Water Services.

— Margo Jimenez
Google Reviewer

Professional in the installation, testing, and delivery of the system

I selected Guardian Water Services over two other contractors for a water softener system install as their estimate was more competitive and more professionally conducted. was thoroughly professional in the installation, testing, and delivery of the system. I can only recommend and encourage others to utilize their service.

— Rande Toni
Google Reviewer

Experience the Guardian Advantage

The Best Home Water Filtration System for Florida Homes

Trustworthy Water Services

Trustworthy Team

There’s a bit of a bad reputation in the whole house water filter industry. We are here to change that. Our team members are trained to earn your respect and trust through industry knowledge.

Quality Water Treatments

Quality Guarantee

While our equipment is of the highest quality in the industry, we still offer a lifetime warranty. And we are on call if you ever have a concern about the performance of your whole home water filtration system.

Highly Rated

Highly Rated

Our reviews on Google speak for themselves and our accreditations with multiple water quality associations proves we know our industry inside and out.

Community Focused

Community Focused

We partner with multiple organizations, businesses, and nonprofits by donating our time and money to causes that impact Florida communities.

For Home Builders

Guardian Water Services is the builders' choice for your challenging water quality needs.

Working closely with leading experts from Westinghouse and The LeverEdge, consumers can rest assured that we have an affordable solution that is unmatched by our competitors. With over twenty years in the Florida water treatment industry and thousands of happy clients, we excel at solving water quality issues and keeping builders clients happy.

Working with our home builders in Florida, we have developed comprehensive and custom solutions for any type of water quality, regardless of its source. Offering high quality water on new construction projects has shown improved home value and saves the home buyer the inconvenience of shopping for a system in the future.

With our expansive manufacturing network, we are able to offer our water systems throughout most of Florida with same day or next day delivery. Referral and volume discounts are available for our partners.

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