3 Ways to Remove Hard Water Stains on Glass

Prevent and Remove Hard Water Stains and Spots from Glass with a home water softener system

Tired of attempting to remove hard water stains and spots from glass? You are not alone. Hard water in your home contains copious amounts of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The water is safe to drink but can have some serious effects on your home. Buildup of these mineral can block plumbing and cause issues overtime. Mineral-rich water causes pesky hard water stains and spots on glassware. Luckily there are solutions for this dilemma.

What Causes the Blemishes?

Nothing is worse than pulling a glass out for a guest and noticing a water stain blemish. Or jumping into the shower and realizing the door is covered in soap scum. Since hard water has a difficult time dissolving soap, the remnants stick to glass. Rinsing the glass with more soap and water just feeds into the problem. Plus, you are doing extraneous work.

Here are solutions to remove hard water stains and spots from glass:

1. Store-Bought Cleaners

The go-to solution is purchasing an abrasive cleaner at the convenience store. This can be costly and rough on your home. Harsh chemicals operate as good cleaners but can have a damaging effect on your dining ware. In addition, some cleaners can cause skin irritation, headaches and chemical burns. The stains and spots will be removed, but only temporarily. The risk of store-bought cleaners is not worth the health complications or the effort of extra cleaning.

Impacts of Hard Water on Entire Home

2. Household Remedies

To avoid harsh chemicals with store-bought cleaners, homemakers seek solutions to water blemishes with supplies already found in the household. Baking soda, toothpaste, white vinegar and lemon juice all serve as alternatives for water stain and spot removers. Simply apply your household item of choice to your glassware and rub the area in circular motions to remove unwanted spots and stains. This method will remove the spots and stains, but keep in mind it is only a temporary solution and takes up a great deal of time.

3. Permanent Prevention

To permanently remove hard water stains and spots from glass the best method is implementing a complete home water refiner. The system will dissolve the hard minerals in your water and filter them out. The result of the filtration is pure and clean, soft water. Soft water provides many benefits including hydrated skin, less plumbing issues and it reduces your workload. With clean water in your home soap will dissolve better and you can say goodbye to unwanted stains and spots on glass.

Are you ready to prevent and remove hard water stains and spots from glass permanently? Ditch the alternative cleaning solutions and schedule your in-home water demo with a Guardian water expert today and receive a complimentary $50 retail store gift card on us!


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