3 Whole House Carbon Water Filter Cost Benefits

Mom and daughter enjoy cleaner water and cost savings from whole house water filters

Carbon filters are a great way to remove bad taste and odor from your drinking water in your home, but you may be shocked to find out you are not saving any money with point-of-use filters. While carbon filters remove chlorine and volatile compounds that can make your water taste and smell bad, it is leaving behind sediments and chemicals in your water that can result in hard water still running through your home appliances and plumbing systems. Here are three ways switching to a whole house carbon water filtersystem can save you money you didn’t know you were wasting:

Remove Hard Water Minerals From Your Water System

Many people who install point-of-use water filters in their home to remove bad taste and smell from their water do not realize that their water is still being contaminated by harsh minerals and chemicals that can damage your appliances and plumbing system over time. Hard water can shorten the lifespan of your plumbing system and your appliances, which can result in repair and replacement costs over time. Look instead for a four part complete home water filter that includes an ion exchange media to remove hard water chemicals from your water, leaving it soft and thus benefiting your appliances and saving your money.

Spend Less on Soap

You might not realize how much money you are spending on extra soap due to your hard water that is still in your water pipes. If the water getting filtered into your shower is not filtered by your point-of-use carbon filter, then the soaps you are using in your shower are going to waste twice as fast as they need to be. Hard water doesn’t allow soap to lather up as well as it does when used in soft water. The same goes for your dishwasher and laundry detergent. All this money you are continuously spending on soap because you keep running out of it can be saved by switching to a whole house carbon water filter.

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Save on Disposable Water Bottle Costs

When all the water in your home is filtered well enough to where it is drinking quality for your entire family, you can say goodbye to purchasing disposable water bottles. Instead, you will be able to enjoy fresh tasting water that is also beneficial to your health straight from your tap.

By switching to a whole house carbon water filter, you can still enjoy the taste benefits of carbon filters while also enjoying the cost benefits that come with filtered water throughout your entire house. If you’re curious to see how much money you can save switching to an whole house water filter, try our simple water refiner saving calculator and find out what savings you’re missing out on! Then, schedule a time for one of our local licensed water experts to test the quality of your home’s water and receive a $50 retail store gift card.