New Homeowners Save With Water Filters

New Florida home owners enjoy savings from whole house water filters

When settling into your first home, figuring out how you are going to save money can be overwhelming with all the expenses that come along with a new home. Installing a water filter in your home can surprisingly save you money that you didn’t know you were spending. By adding one to your new home, you are investing in smarter, cost-friendly water that is filtered for a refreshing, clean taste. On the top of your new homeowner savings checklist should be installing a water filter for home.

Not only will a water filter give you cleaner, healthier water for your home, but it expands the life of your plumbing systems and appliances. But don’t settle for a point-of-use filter that only cleans your drinking water. Installing a whole house water filter is the best way to get the most savings from your filtered water!

So how does filtered water save you money? It’s all in the hidden costs that sneak in through repairs, cleaning supplies expenses and even in your energy bill. When all of the water entering your home goes through our four part filtration system, softer water is then dispersed throughout your home. Unfiltered hard water can cause long term damage to your plumbing and your appliances that will result in hefty repair and replacement costs.

Along with expanding the lifespan of your appliances and plumbing systems, you will find yourself spending less money on soaps when you install a whole house water filtration system. If you have hard water running through your dishwasher washing machine and your showers, you might now notice the effect that it’s having on your skin, clothes and dishes. Hard water does not properly dissolve soap as well as soft water can. Undissolved soap can clog your pores, and leave soap scum on your dishes and clothes. But with soft water, your soaps will dissolve easier resulting in you having to spend less on body washes and detergents while getting a better cleanse using less soap. Plus, when you choose to install a Guardian Water Services filtration system, you will receive free cleaning supplies!

The Cost Savings Guide to Home Water Refiners

On top of all the money you will be saving with less repairs and cleaning supplies expenses, you will also be spending less money on disposable water bottles for you and your family because your tap water will be safe to drink, and have refreshing taste when you invest in a whole house water filter.

Saving money where you can makes all the difference when you are just getting on your feet as a new homeowner. Don’t get taken advantage of by hidden costs that come with homeowner expenses. See how much money you can save with a Guardian water filtration system in your home using our simple water refiner savings calculator. And, don’t forget to schedule a complimentary in-home water quality test to see exactly what’s in your home’s tap water!