4 Health Benefits of a Water Filtration System

Water Health

Whether you just moved to Florida or have lived here your whole life, you have probably heard that water filtration is a must for any home owner living in the state. While spot filters to use on your faucets and showers are one option, the best way to make sure that all of your home’s water is safe and healthy for your family is to invest in a water filtration system for your house.

What you may not know is that using filtered water can have profound effects on your family’s health. This is an issue that we feel doesn’t get enough attention – and with that in mind, here are the four most important health considerations to keep in mind when buying a water filtration system.

#1: Chlorine is Harmful

There’s no question that treating water with chlorine can help to remove bacteria and harmful organisms from it. However, there’s more to chlorine treatment than meets the eye.

For example, did you know that showering in chlorinated water results in a higher ingestion of chlorine than drinking chlorinated water? That’s because you have to breathe while you shower, and that means that you inhale steam the entire time you’re in there.

There are other risks associated with chlorine exposure too. For example:

  • People who drink chlorinated water have a 93% higher risk of getting cancer than those who do not.
  • Bathing in chlorinated water can dry out and prematurely age the skin.
  • Likewise, exposure to chlorine can exacerbate conditions such as psoriasis.

A whole house water filtration system like the Guardian Water Services water refiner removes chlorine as well as other harmful contaminants and chemicals.

#2: Organisms in Water Lead to Disease

The next consideration to keep in mind that is that microorganisms in water, including bacteria, amoebae, and parasites, can lead to gastrointestinal diseases and other health issues.

In fact, water-borne illness is one of the most common causes of death when water is not properly treated. While municipal water supplies are treated and filtered, that doesn’t mean that organisms can’t slip through the cracks and make it into your home.

The installation of a water filtration system can prevent organisms from making it into your home and affecting your family’s health.

Hard Water and Your Health Download Guide

#3: Hard Water Can Cause Dermatitis

Dermatitis is a catch-all term that refers to a multitude of things that can cause irritation and aggravation of the skin. One of the health risks of leaving hard water untreated is that it can lead to dermatitis.

For example, did you know that hard water makes detergents and soaps less effective? It’s also true that washing clothes in hard water may result in detergent remaining on your clothes even after the rinse cycle.

Some detergents are harsh. If they stay on your clothes while you wear them, your skin may become irritated. You may find that people in your family with sensitive skin will be affected the most, and may end up having to deal with painful rashes and other skin problems as a result.

#4: Unfiltered Water Damages Hair

The hard water here in Florida can cost you money in a variety of ways – and it can impact your family’s health, too. For example, did you know that washing your hair in hard water can damage and dry it out?

Washing hair in hard water can also lead to scalp irritation and dandruff. Your hair may end up looking dull and lifeless, whereas washing it in filtered water ensures that it will feel soft and look healthy and shiny.

If you want to protect your family from the harmful effects of drinking and washing with unfiltered water, then it’s time to schedule your free water quality test with Guardian Water Services. Please click here to make an appointment and receive a $50 retail store gift card!