5 Best Whole House Well Water Filter Components

Family enjoys clean water with whole house water filters

If you rely on well water for your home, you know that keeping a well operating smoothly – and the water tasting fresh – can be a challenge, particularly in Florida’s high heat and humidity. The ideal option is to choose the best whole house water filter to get the job done.

However, the particular issue is that well water requires special care. So which whole house well water filtershould you choose? And which house water filter components should you look for to make sure that the water your family drinks is both healthy and delicious?

The Challenges of Treating Well Water

To understand why treating well water can be difficult, let’s start by looking at some of the particular challenges associated with well water.

First, you need to get your water tested. Well water, particularly when it’s pumped from old wells, can carry a significant amount of bacteria.

Another key concern is that well water may contain unsafe amounts of lead and other hard metals. Not only is lead considered unsafe to consume in any amount, but its presence in your water can cause issues with your appliances and reduce the efficiency of your soap.

Well water comes directly from the ground, and as a result, it may carry quite a bit of sediment. While some of the sediment may be safe to consume, it might negatively impact the flavor and clarity of your water.

There’s also the challenge of finding a filter that can adjust to and – if necessary – change the water pressure from your well. The house water filter you choose must be able to handle the volume generated by the well to be effective.

Clearly, choosing the best whole house water filter is essential for the health of your family. Now that you understand the challenges involved, it’s time to review the most important components to look for when buying a system.

Water Filtration How to Get Clean Soft Water

Whole House Well Water Filter Components

You have many options when it comes to choosing a whole house water filtration system, but here are the five things you must have if you rely on well water:

  1. A sediment filter. The job of a sediment filter is to trap and remove large particles such as sand and rust.
  2. A chlorinator or an ultraviolet light. The purpose of both of these components is to remove harmful bacteria from the water supply. If you choose a chlorinator, then you’ll need to add the next component as well.
  3. An activated carbon filter. The activated carbon filter’s job is to remove the flavor of chlorine and take care of any remaining organic contaminants in the water.
  4. A resin filter. Hard water is a big problem in Florida, and a quality resin filter will soften the water and help to protect your appliances.
  5. A reverse osmosis filter. The reverse osmosis filter removes salt, which is often used to soften water, and any remaining brackishness in the water.

The Guardian Water Services water refiner uses four separate filtration methods to ensure that the water that is pumped from the well to your house is free of contaminants, delicious, and completely safe for your family to drink. It includes patented Bacteriostat technology to remove bacteria, algae, scale, and fungi – in short, all of the things that commonly plague Florida homeowners.

If you rely on well water, then you need to do everything you can to make sure that the water is safe for your family to bathe in and drink. And of course, you also want to prolong the life of your appliances and save money. Our system can help you accomplish all of that and more – and it all starts with a free water quality test. Schedule yours today!