5 Tips for Water Softener Installation

Technician installs water softener system

After picking your best choice when it comes to a water softener, it is important to keep in mind that installation and maintenance are two key elements for the proper function of your water softener or refiner and should ideally be done by a professional. This is a good gauge of the quality and legitimacy of a company: do they go the extra mile and actually install and help you maintain the system you just purchased, or are you one your own? You should be wary of companies that don’t provide much help after the upfront sale of the system.

Just in case you run into this problem, here are 5 tips on how you can accomplish a successful water softener installation and how you can stay on track with your water softener maintenance.

The Installation Process

1. Placement

Where you decide to install your water softener is important. You will first need a room or part of a room that will be vacant in order to avoid any disturbance with the function of the water softener, like a garage.

2. Your Toolkit

Before starting the installation, make sure that you have all the equipment and tools necessary for the job. Some of the basic tools that you will need are a drill, glue, and clamps. This will make the drilling, joinery, and fitting of parts be more precise.

3. Follow the Instructions

If you choose to do the installation process on your own, make sure to to follow the instructions manual provided by the manufacturer. The instructions manual may also have support services that you may use in order to contact the manufacturer in case any complication comes up during your installation process. These toll free numbers are available for you so that you may accomplish a perfect installation, but could never replace a professional doing the installation for you.

4. A Helping Hand Will Go A Long Way

The brine tank of the water softener is known to be heavy when handling it on your own. It is recommended for you to have an installation partner for this process. This will make lifting and the positioning of different parts of the water softener a much smoother process.

Maximize Your Water Softener Maintenance

1. Use the Right Type of Salt

Although you may be tempted to use standard rock salt for your maintenance because it is the least expensive option, it’s better to opt for pure salt with iron remover. Rock salt is known for causing inches of sediment to build up in the brine tank, causing the injector and the softener’s control valve to clog. Using standard rock salt may cost you more in the long run, especially if it causes your water softener to have future repairs.

2. Add Just the Right Amount

Even if your salt tank is still half full, don’t add more salt just yet. Make sure that almost all of the salt in the tank is used up before refilling it and refill no more than two-thirds full.

3. Pure Salt is Not the Only Important Component

Iron-Out, a rust stain remover, can also help you maximize your softener maintenance. Using Iron-Out once a year will help you clean the resin bed and parts of the control valve for a cleaner water softener.

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4. Clean the Brine Tank

Although pure salt is a better option than standard rock salt, pure salt also contains contaminants. Take an extra step and clean the brine tank at least once a year to avoid contamination in your water.

5. The Positioning of the Drain Line is Key

In order to prevent accidental siphoning of sewage into the softener, make sure that the softener’s drain line isn’t pushed down into a floor drain. The end of the softener’s drain line should be above the grate of the drain in order to prevent malfunction of the water softener.

Don’t put such a huge task of installation and maintenance to chance by trying to do it yourself – find a company that includes these services with the cost of buying a water refiner. At Guardian Water Services, our systems are installed by trained professionals and we are only a call away if something does arise with maintenance. Give us a chance by scheduling a free in-home water test and you’ll receive a complimentary $50 retail store gift card!